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forumotion.com is a service allowing the free creation of discussions forums.


From the company: The information which are conveyed on the site are supplied in their integrity. The company doesn’t give any guarantee, explicit or implicit, and doesn’t assume any responsibility related to the use of these informations.
These informations might be modified or updated without prompt.

From the user: The user of the site is held responsible of any damage of any kinds, material or immaterial, indirect, caused to any third-party, including forumotion.com, by the fact of the illicit use or exploitation of the site itself or one of its elements, whatever the cause and the location of the damages, and guarantees forumotion.com from the consequences of the complaints or legal action he might be faced to.
The user of forumotion.com renounces to take any legal action against forumotion.com in case of legal proceeding taken by a third-party against him by the fact of the illicit use, and/or the exploitation of the site of forumotion.com.

Responsibility of the login and the password

When you register, you will receive a password and a login. You are responsible of keeping the confidentiality of the password and the login, and you are as well entirely responsible of any activity done under your password or login. You have to inform forumotion.com immediately if an unauthorized use of your password, account or any other security infringement has occurred. You have to make sure that you disconnect from your account at the end of each session. forumotion.com cannot, and will not be held responsible of any loss or damage which results from a breach in these conditions.

Responsibility of contents

You acknowledge and convene that any information, code, data, text, software, music, sound, photograph, picture, graphics, video, chat, messages, feature, or any other content, if transmitted publicly or in private, are the only responsibility of the person from whom the content comes from.. This means that you are, and in any case, entirely responsible of any content that you upload/download, post, send by e-mail or transmitted by any other way, than via the services. In no circumstance, forumotion.com will be held responsible in any way or any content from a user or from a third-party, including but not limited to, any mistake or omission in these contents, or for any loss or damage of any kind, by the fact of the use of these contents noticed and, sent by e-mail or transmitted in any way via the services.

Data and security

Everything is done to avoid any slowdown or unexpected downtime of the services, but it is not possible to guarantee these slowdowns, or to foresee any downtime. No network or server problem or any other breakdown can be covered under any warranty. No repayment of any kind can be considered for any break or stop of the services, damage or data loss. Several systems have been set up to ensure the security of the content. Thus, a backup of the whole data is done everyday. But for any reason, no individual backup or SQL dump, or database will be provided. Please do take good note that for any evoked reasons, no precise safeguard of a forum, dump, backup of the data, including forums have been importing their database on our service; will be provided. However, the administrator of the forum has at his disposal, a tool which allows him to use these backups in order to restore his board, such as it was at a previous date.

Forums import

All users having a PhpBB, Invision or PunBB forum with a self-hosted installation can import their forum on the forumotion.com service. The process is usually to register a new forum on forumotion.com, then, send us an import request via a specific form with the database to upload. The import form is available at the last step of forum creation. The user shall not make any changes on the forum dedicated to this import because all data will be overwritten during the database deployment.

The user will receive an email for every different step of the import process (reception, in progress, completion, failure…) If any problems or doubts, the user can contact our team via email provided or on our Support Forum.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the import succeeds in line with the deadlines in force. However, it is not possible to guarantee the deadline and the final result of the process. In fact, it depends on the database structure to import. The applicant accepts some potential adjustments of the forum so that it fits with the original one. He accepts that some data can not be imported for security and privacy reasons, including passwords and private messages.

Moreover, the applicant of the import on the forumotion.com service, certifies to be the legal owner and have all rights on the forum. Thus, the import request, the data base to import and the final forum imported on forumotion.com are under the responsibility of the founder. This founder unconditionally accepts that forumotion.com reserves the right to refuse the import application, not conforming to the present conditions.

Use of your personal data

By using this site, you consent that the site uses the personal data which concerns you, and that you have provided. This data is necessary so we can send you newsletters for example, and to permit you to benefit of some services offered by this site.
You benefit of the right to access, to the correction or the opposition concerning the registered collected informations data of your concern. This right can be exerted by sending us a e-mail or by standard mail to the company, by contacting us on the relevant Support Forum.

We are likely to share non-personal information in collective form with third parties.

When we do appeal to third parties in the processing of your personal information, we ensure that they respect our rules of confidentiality as well as any appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

We might transmit information to third parties in precise circumstances, in particular among others, requests from public authorities, in order to prevent fraud or imminent damages, but also to ensure the security of our network and services.

You can also refuse to provide us personal information and / or refuse the cookies in your browser. However, this might disrupt the functioning of some services or features.

With a simple request, you can access to your personal informations, to correct or erase them in case of mistake, via the relevant support forum.

About Cookies

A cookie is a text file containing a limited amount of information, which is downloaded on the user computer when she/he is surfing on a website. It allows the forum to recognize the user during next visits to offer them optimal browsing experience.
A Cookie acts as a string of information that a website stores on a user’s computer, and that the user’s browser provides to the website each time the user submits a query to the website

Forumotion uses Cookies. The goal of a cookies is to identify the user as an user of the website. Cookies permit to personalize the advertising content available.
By browsing a Forumotion forum, you agree with the use of third-party services that may set up cookies on your browser. You have the option to object to the filing of advertising cookies on your computer. If you choose this option, you will continue to see ads but these are not targeted to your interests centers.
The Forumotion forums use some web analytics tools to allow administrators to better understand the behavior of their users. These tools may use cookies to collect anonymous information and generate reports on forum statistics without users be identified personally.

Cookies management

Storage of cookies allows the user to fully enjoy the services offered on Forumotion forums. However, it is up to the User to determine if she/he authorized their use. The User agrees to be warned that blocking all types of cookies affects the good use of forums Forumotion and services.

Settings of the browser

Most of browsers let you manage Cookies individually. The help menu, included on each browser, describes how to refuse cookies for all websites, except websites you trust. Further information about cookies manage are available on the each browser.


R.1 When you purchase Paid-For-Products or Paid-For-Services directly from Forumotion (company SARL ETOXIC, RCS : Antibes B 490 862 059, 885 Avenue du Docteur Lefebvre 06270 Villeneuve, France) you will be entitled to a cancellation period of fifteen (15) days (a “Cooling-Off Period”) unless you have made use of the Paid-For-Products or Paid-For-Services in any way, in which case the Cooling-Off Period will be extinguished and your purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded.
R.2 Outside of the Cooling-Off Period, only subscriptions are refundable unless used or expired.
R.3 Expenditure of Forumotion Credit, allocation of a domain name, or use of any aspect of an additional disk space constitutes a “use” of a Paid-For-Product. You hereby expressly agree that all payed services may be allocated before the end of the Cooling-Off Period and become non-refundable upon allocation.
R.4 The Cooling-Off Period and refunds do not apply to Paid-For-Products that are purchased via a third party partner of Forumotion (please contact the partner directly, who may decide in its sole discretion whether or not to pay a refund), not directly acquired online from Forumotion paid for in cash using third party payment methods (such as a cash payment wallet) and paid for and allocated to your Forumotion Account by a Forumotion Manager administrator or another Forumotion user. They also do not apply to Membership of Forumotion Developer.
R.5 If, within the Cooling-Off Period, you wish to cancel and obtain a refund for a Paid-For-Product which has not been “used” in accordance with Section R.3 and does not fall within Section R.4, you can contact Forumotion: or +334.
R.6 If you believe that Forumotion has charged you in error, you must contact Forumotion Customer Services within 90 days of such charge. No refunds will be given for any charges more than 90 days old.
R.7 Forumotion reserves the right to refuse a refund request if it reasonably believes that you are trying to unfairly exploit this refund policy, for example, by making repetitive refund requests in respect of the same Product; if you are in breach of these Terms or if Forumotion reasonably suspects that you are using our Products or Software fraudulently or that your User Account is being used by a third party fraudulently.
R.8 This refund policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Illicit contents

Forums that does welcome or promote warez, piracy, hacking, cracking, spamming, attacks against networks or servers, pornography, racial hatred, crimes against humanity, inappropriate activities on the servers, or any other actions which violate any applicable laws, aren’t allowed. Any forum which contains texts, links, pictures, animations, videos or any other content recognized as Illegal will be deleted without notice or warning. forumotion.com reserves the right to delete any accounts or forums considered not conform to the rules quoted here or specified in forumotion.com or in the international website rules according to the international internet law. Any Illegal content or act and will be reported to the concerned services and prosecuted.

Limitations of the services

The products and services can be used only in the precise way for which such products and services have been made for. You cannot use the products and services, or associate them to any content or activity which might be harmful to the any individual person’s private rights :

  • Contents which are Illegal, harmful, threatening, improper, slanderous, vulgar, obscene or ethically reprehensible
  • Content which disclose personal datum that could identifies children under age of 18 or which exploit the images.

forumotion.com is entirely free site. We strive to offer quality service. We ask that you do not remove the copyright information set up on your forums on the toolbar and the footer through means other than the one provided, namely via the credits management.
It is also forbidden to remove or hide the sponsored links through any means other than the one provided, namely the credits management. We provide a quality service completely free and are always looking to improve it to meet your expectations. For these reasons, we ask that you respect our terms.

Respect of the copyrights and brands

The whole of the elements that you see, or read on this website is protected by the legislation about copyright. In any case, you cannot use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, alter or transmit the site or elements of the site, such as texts, images without having previously gotten a written permission of the company. The brands and logos which appear on the site, are owned by the company and all rights reserved. No right or license could be allotted on any of these elements without any written permission from the company or the third party who holds rights on the brand or logo which appear on the site. The company reserves the right to prosecute any patent infringement of his ownership, in front court of law.

Modification of the Terms of service

These terms of service might be modified at any moment, at forumotion.com’s discretion. All accounts have to be in conformity with all changes which have been done in these policies.


By using the services of forumotion.com, you accept, without any limitation or qualification, to be in accordance and to fulfill the terms of service as well as their punctual modifications, and to all other reported instructions or rules in application of any specific service.