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How To Fuck Girls IRL By Playing World of Warcraft

Hookup apps are great, and I’ve tried plenty, but believe it or not, I’ve had the most luck fucking girls by meeting them on World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is by far the most well-known massively multiplayer online game, and it has no connection to sex. However, I’ve met lots of girls and fucked them, all just by talking to them in WoW. Here’s how I do it.

My Experience Fucking Girls On Hookup Apps

Before I found out how to fuck girls I met on WoW, I tried meeting girls with hookup apps. I did fuck a couple of chicks off apps like FuckGirls.app. The sex was great, but I prefer fucking WoW chicks that are nerdy like me.

Meeting girls with apps usually works the same way you meet any girl you meet on WoW. Find out if they want to hook up, start talking, flirt, and eventually they’ll ask you if you want to meet up in the real world. You can do it the same way you get laid in WoW.

Meeting Girls In World of Warcraft

In WoW, girls are always questing for information, items, gold, and help. This is their primary purpose in WoW, and by talking to them on the questing board, I’m able to pick up a girl on the spot. The quest board is always open during the day, so any questing-type girl will always be in a place where she’s visible. If you spend half an hour looking at the quest board, you’re very likely to pick up a girl in no time.

If she tells you she’s going to a city or event in a few minutes, get there right away. You’ll have a better chance of meeting her, and you’ll be able to ask her to join you for a quest in the mean time.

If a girl is talking to a friend, jump in the conversation. You don’t need to talk to her about anything other than playing WoW, so unless she asks you about a character’s name or appearance, don’t let it interfere with the flow of conversation. Talk about world PvP, what level you’re at, whatever.

Eventually the conversation can get more personal. Ask her some questions about herself and her life outside of World of Warcraft. Just flirt with her. Don’t hit on her too hard or you’ll scare her off. But once the conversation is going well, she’s starting to like you, and you should.

Once she sees you’re single, she’ll make a comment about you being single, but that’s okay. Just keep talking. Finally, she’ll make it clear that she wants to hook up with you, and you can ask her if she’d like to meet you in the real world, and she’ll respond yes.

Some girls are cool with hooking up in a few weeks or months, but many girls want to try out dating with you in WoW first. In most cases, WoW can be a really good place to find a girl to date, since you can set up a date before you know anything about her.

My advice to you is, start a dialog with as many girls as possible. Eventually you can start meeting them in real life.

What makes girls who play WoW so good in bed?

Sex is best when you can connect with someone about a common interest or belief. I’m pretty nerdy myself as a World of Warcraft player, so I’ve found the best sex is with nerdy WoW chicks. Not only do we connect over WoW, but they’re usually into some pretty kinky shit, and always scream the loudest.

I’ve also done phone sex with these chicks. Some of them ask me if I would do a sex video. I usually tell them I would, but only if they had a dildo with them, so they could use it during the phone sex video. Sometimes I ask if they want to meet up and masturbate together. The first time I did this, the girl asked if we could send a video or picture of her being fucked to her friend who’s looking for more guys to fuck her.

Should you use WoW to fuck girls?

While I don’t play WoW for the sole purpose of finding girls to have sex with, most of the time I meet girls in WoW because we’re both going to the same event. This happened with a girl I met in WoW that I later fucked. After I fucked her, we kept in touch, and we now have sex when we meet.

If you’re already a WoW player that wants to fuck nerdy girls, I can’t suggest hooking up with girls from WoW enough. You can meet girls from all walks of life on World of Warcraft. You’ll find tons of women to fuck in WoW, even married women and women looking for quick sex. Just make sure you’re looking for girls who share your interests in the real world.


Best MMORPGs for PC

If you’re looking for your first MMO or a new adventure to immerse yourself in, we’ve collected some of the best MMO games. Today we bring you the 5 best MMORPGs that can be played in the 2020s and beyond, from the most popular to the least popular and underrated.

Here is our list of the top MMO games for the PC. We have included some lesser-known MMO’s that deserve more attention. The rest of our recommended MMOS programs can be found below, as well as some of my personal favorites from recent years. If you have always wanted to try an MMORPG but didn’t know which one to start, here are the best MMORPGs to try. If you’re looking for something a little more sexy, check out our list of the best porn RPGs.



EverQuest follows a similar format to Ultima Online, as it is a sandbox MMORPG that now serves as a framework for many existing MMOs. Black Desert Online is a classic MMO with a few twists that distinguish it from other games of the genre.

The amount of content and variety of players make it the best game ever, and there are few compromises required. Open World PvP is everywhere, while Combat, Gathering, and Crafting go as deep as they need to, creating perhaps the only real player-driven economy that currently exists in an MMORPG. There is a wide variety of characters to choose from, from the most popular to the least compromising.

It’s free to play – too – which makes it the perfect RPG / MMO to play right now, and it’s one of the most popular MMO’s in the world today.


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a surefire hit that keeps players entertained with exciting content. WoW is one of the most fun video games I’ve played in my entire life.

It’s great that it’s evolved and been played by so many great players, but it doesn’t pose any problems if you take the time and effort. Finding a good MMO game that suits your preferences requires knowing exactly what you like about the genre. 

World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the strongest synonym for an MMORPG game, and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial. We all know why it’s on this list, but it’s not a free MMO. I have invested tens of thousands of hours of my time and it’s for me, very worth the money.


Xiv Universe

Xiv Universe is one of the best MMORPG titles to play in 2020, and it’s something that will devour you for quite a while, whether it’s an MMO based on a popular book series or something completely new in the genre.

It is definitely the last MMO to stand out as far as P2W is concerned, and there is just so much to experience that you simply can’t buy anything with your money. 


The Three Best RPG Sex Games You Can Play Free

Game developers have always toyed with including nudity and sex in their videogames but have always been forced to remove it from the final product. A classic example would be the infamous “Hot Coffee” mod in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, a sex mini-game that producers forced developers to remove. It was later found by fans and resulted in a lawsuit against Rockstar Games.

Due to the mainstream not accepting games on the more erotic end of the spectrum, developers have taken to making their own and releasing them independently for free online.

Here are three of the best RPG sex games available online now.


1) Grand Fuck Auto

Grand Fuck Auto is built as an adult homage to the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto Games, except that Grand Fuck Auto lets you have lots of wildly graphic sex. Set in an open-world, Grand Fuck Auto’s main draw is its excellent graphics and variety of characters. Realistic-looking 3D models and an explorable world make the game highly addictive and a great twist on a sandbox classic. It’s possibly the best interactive sex game out there today.


2) NarcosXXX

NarcosXXX is a sex game based on Pablo Escobar’s story and uses 3D models from a first-person perspective. NarcosXXX boasts a strong plot as you undertake missions to grow your drug empire, all whilst having sex with a lot of girls along your adventure. Another great sex game with enough RPG aspects to keep it interesting.


3) Hentai Heroes

Hentai Heroes is an erotic role-playing game classic. It revolves around the simple concept of collecting as many girls as possible and then sleeping with them. The game is drawn in classic Japanese Manga style and parodies many classic characters from large Manga franchises. There are several styles of play, including:

  • Story mode
  • Battle mode
  • Classic Japanese pachinko mini-game

For fans of Hentai or Manga, this online erotic game is a must.


Play These Sex Games Today

These three titles are the best porn games because they’re eclectic yet offer exciting and realistic experiences. Hopefully, one of these three titles will inspire you to fire up your web browser and try sexy RPGs today. We found all of these from Sex Games Report. They have tons of other reviews if you’re interested, for a wide variety of genres. Another great site for finding sex games is Nutaku. They focus on hentai games, but they’re all excellent.



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La Red Victom Justice Agency

The Red Victom Justice Agency, a very special agency located in the heart of London and bringing together detectives, lawyers, assassins, hackers and various and varied agents versed in espionage and in the field. This agency is at the very heart of a war of which the majority of Londoners have never heard of, a battle taking place in the London of Shadows, facing the enormous German criminal society which has taken refuge in the capital. English, the Blaue Hunde, sometimes helped and sometimes embarrassed by the interests of the Silver Rose informants. At the heart of this battle, agents, criminals but also police officers and citizens are struggling between life and death, both closer to the end but also more alive than any other human.


Join the ranks of an Agency that seeks to shake up the world or a group of criminals with a tortured past, pursue them by entering the shoes of a police officer or make your place as a simple citizen with an outgoing character. of the common. Are you ready to write the great chronicles of the history of the greatest Battle of London?


Card info

Hi everyone, as you can see, I have been extremely busy with a custom card project the way I wanted to, but I never had to do it for Final Fantasy XI. And I decided not to miss the opportunity to do it with Final Fantasy XIV. I even took the time to learn the Eorzean language which I can now read very well, without a guide, even if a few letters still make me stop and think for a second. So I decided to translate all of this into English so that it is easier to read, especially the smaller text, so that everyone can better navigate these huge regions. {Please keep in mind that some translations may not be 100% accurate as some places are hard to see, but I’ll be sure to have them corrected as soon as possible …}

Note: These maps are an extreme job in progress, as they take an incredible amount of time to get them as detailed and precise as I made them. Honestly, I cannot say when they will be finished, if ever; given the nature of an MMO and how often things can change, you learn a domain and new content updates. I am definitely dedicated to this project and I will update them as often as possible; with new information that I discover or report by our members and other visitors to our forums.

Please post findings in their relevant forum so that it’s easier to keep track of everything!

I would love to play for a while before I start creating / editing the map of a newly discovered region, but rest assured that I will work hard in time. However, it can take a while for a new region to be published, so please be gentle with me until I go far enough to publish it. I decided to add a watermark “Card of Khalus Akuhei of Eldritch Eponym” to each, because I don’t want anyone else trying to claim their credit. And I placed them in centralized locations so it would be difficult for someone to edit them if a number tried to steal my work.

I have many other additions that I would like to add, but they will take time to discover and obtain precise information; for example:




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Fairy Butler Fantasy

Skyloft, the most prestigious school. Here, all the worlds come together because do not forget it, they are connected … We invite you all to register and enter the general center of Fairy Butler Fantasy. Discover the secrets behind it yourself, become a teacher and make authority and discipline reign, be a simple student and attend classes with or without attendance. Skyloft is accessible to everyone, even those who are hardly part of it.

To know a little more about the worlds connected to Skyloft, the original worlds of the characters in Fairy Butler Fantasy, go here.

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