Card info

Hi everyone, as you can see, I have been extremely busy with a custom card project the way I wanted to, but I never had to do it for Final Fantasy XI. And I decided not to miss the opportunity to do it with Final Fantasy XIV. I even took the time to learn the Eorzean language which I can now read very well, without a guide, even if a few letters still make me stop and think for a second. So I decided to translate all of this into English so that it is easier to read, especially the smaller text, so that everyone can better navigate these huge regions. {Please keep in mind that some translations may not be 100% accurate as some places are hard to see, but I’ll be sure to have them corrected as soon as possible …}

Note: These maps are an extreme job in progress, as they take an incredible amount of time to get them as detailed and precise as I made them. Honestly, I cannot say when they will be finished, if ever; given the nature of an MMO and how often things can change, you learn a domain and new content updates. I am definitely dedicated to this project and I will update them as often as possible; with new information that I discover or report by our members and other visitors to our forums.

Please post findings in their relevant forum so that it’s easier to keep track of everything!

I would love to play for a while before I start creating / editing the map of a newly discovered region, but rest assured that I will work hard in time. However, it can take a while for a new region to be published, so please be gentle with me until I go far enough to publish it. I decided to add a watermark “Card of Khalus Akuhei of Eldritch Eponym” to each, because I don’t want anyone else trying to claim their credit. And I placed them in centralized locations so it would be difficult for someone to edit them if a number tried to steal my work.

I have many other additions that I would like to add, but they will take time to discover and obtain precise information; for example: