La Red Victom Justice Agency

The Red Victom Justice Agency, a very special agency located in the heart of London and bringing together detectives, lawyers, assassins, hackers and various and varied agents versed in espionage and in the field. This agency is at the very heart of a war of which the majority of Londoners have never heard of, a battle taking place in the London of Shadows, facing the enormous German criminal society which has taken refuge in the capital. English, the Blaue Hunde, sometimes helped and sometimes embarrassed by the interests of the Silver Rose informants. At the heart of this battle, agents, criminals but also police officers and citizens are struggling between life and death, both closer to the end but also more alive than any other human.


Join the ranks of an Agency that seeks to shake up the world or a group of criminals with a tortured past, pursue them by entering the shoes of a police officer or make your place as a simple citizen with an outgoing character. of the common. Are you ready to write the great chronicles of the history of the greatest Battle of London?



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Fairy Butler Fantasy

Skyloft, the most prestigious school. Here, all the worlds come together because do not forget it, they are connected … We invite you all to register and enter the general center of Fairy Butler Fantasy. Discover the secrets behind it yourself, become a teacher and make authority and discipline reign, be a simple student and attend classes with or without attendance. Skyloft is accessible to everyone, even those who are hardly part of it.

To know a little more about the worlds connected to Skyloft, the original worlds of the characters in Fairy Butler Fantasy, go here.

Skyloft Journal – Skyloft Forms   June 15

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All partners have been warned, Fairy Butler Fantasy no longer makes a partnership. They have all been deleted.

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