Best MMORPGs for PC

If you’re looking for your first MMO or a new adventure to immerse yourself in, we’ve collected some of the best MMO games. Today we bring you the 5 best MMORPGs that can be played in the 2020s and beyond, from the most popular to the least popular and underrated.

Here is our list of the top MMO games for the PC. We have included some lesser-known MMO’s that deserve more attention. The rest of our recommended MMOS programs can be found below, as well as some of my personal favorites from recent years. If you have always wanted to try an MMORPG but didn’t know which one to start, here are the best MMORPGs to try. If you’re looking for something a little more sexy, check out our list of the best porn RPGs.



EverQuest follows a similar format to Ultima Online, as it is a sandbox MMORPG that now serves as a framework for many existing MMOs. Black Desert Online is a classic MMO with a few twists that distinguish it from other games of the genre.

The amount of content and variety of players make it the best game ever, and there are few compromises required. Open World PvP is everywhere, while Combat, Gathering, and Crafting go as deep as they need to, creating perhaps the only real player-driven economy that currently exists in an MMORPG. There is a wide variety of characters to choose from, from the most popular to the least compromising.

It’s free to play – too – which makes it the perfect RPG / MMO to play right now, and it’s one of the most popular MMO’s in the world today.


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a surefire hit that keeps players entertained with exciting content. WoW is one of the most fun video games I’ve played in my entire life.

It’s great that it’s evolved and been played by so many great players, but it doesn’t pose any problems if you take the time and effort. Finding a good MMO game that suits your preferences requires knowing exactly what you like about the genre. 

World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the strongest synonym for an MMORPG game, and anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial. We all know why it’s on this list, but it’s not a free MMO. I have invested tens of thousands of hours of my time and it’s for me, very worth the money.


Xiv Universe

Xiv Universe is one of the best MMORPG titles to play in 2020, and it’s something that will devour you for quite a while, whether it’s an MMO based on a popular book series or something completely new in the genre.

It is definitely the last MMO to stand out as far as P2W is concerned, and there is just so much to experience that you simply can’t buy anything with your money.